Infection Prevention For COVID-19

1. What is Aeropure?

It is a device that makes the amount of bacteria and virus decrease by Deep UV.
There are 3 processes in the device.
1. Intake the air.
2. Deep UV irradiates the air in the device.
3. Exhaust the air from the inside of the device.

Since the device sets deep UV-LED inside, it does not damage to human body and other living things.
If the device’s cover was opened accidentally, the device stops by itself.

2. Aeropure’s feature and effect

There is deep UV-LEDs and Photocatalyst in the device.
They do not let bacteria and virus’s DNA spread out.
Also, they break down substance of offensive odor.
No need to change the filter in the device regularly.

Aeropure's Catalog in Japanese

1. What is Ozone Water?

Ozone has high oxidation power in the natural fields.
When we dissolve ozone in the water, we call it “Ozone-water”.
it is effective against bacteria and virus including Covid-19, influenza and so on.

2. Handlex function

Handlex is a device which produces ozone-water from water.
Although it is usually difficult to adjust the density of ozone in the water,
this device can adjust stable density of ozone successfully.

Besides, this device can produce ozone-water everywhere if there is electricity and tap water.
Since the device is water injection type, there is no need the installation of piping.
When your hands insert the device, the device generates ozone-water automatically,
and then starts to wash your hands.
After using ozone-water, it decomposes to water and oxygen.
There is no need to prepare the special device for ozone-water.

Handlex's catalog in Japanese
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